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About Trevor.

The motivation for this Web Site was to provide a dedication and memorial to my ancestors The Yaxley and Jordan families who were indeed true pioneering families of North and North West Tasmania since 1831.

I also saw it as an opportunity to acknowledge some wonderful friends I have around the world due to the happiest years of my life being involved with AFS Intercultural Programs from 1994 to 2000.

A little about myself: I was born in 1942 at Levenbank Hospital,Ulverstone and went to live on my parents farm "Bowerbank" at Clerke’s Plains Road, Kindred, which was the original family property and virgin bush when settled by my ancestors.

In 1945 my father sold the farm and we went to live in Devonport where I attended Devonport Primary and later Devonport High School. It is interesting to note that all 15 of Thomas Bowen Yaxley’s grandchildren attended Devonport High School.


In December 1958 I commenced work at the Launceston Bank for Savings at Devonport, which was the beginning of my life long career in the Banking industry. In 1967 I transferred to Head Office Launceston and I have lived in this beautiful city ever since.

I have two children, Benjamin born 1978 and Caroline born 1982 both still living and working in Launceston.